a healthy glow that comes from within radiating youthfulness

At AYUNA, we are passionate about skin because it is a treasure trove of wonders and each new discovery is a breakthrough, so it’s time to talk about the skin vitamin! Today, Vitamin D has overtaken the hegemony of the ubiquitous A, C and E and has become the focus of cosmetic science.

Exploring these new horizons has allowed us to discover its multiple dermatological benefits and position it in an important role in skin care. Vitamin D is linked to immunoprotection and photoprotection, it is antimicrobial, prevents premature ageing, maintains the barrier function and also improves hydration and cutaneous microcirculation. It is so dynamic that the days of dull skin are numbered! The secret lies in promoting the optimum level of this essential micronutrient, driving the so called Skin D effect, promoting a healthy glow that comes from within, radiating youthfulness.


Its impact on the mood is conferred by a timeless 100% natural aromachological blend, composed of more than 20 essential oils, designed to express life with infinite delicacy. Its fine citrus notes of lemon, grapefruit, mandarin and orange wrapped in the intense scents of cedarwood, amyris, patchouli and vetiver, is enhanced with the sweetness of vanilla and powdered in a world of fantasy encompassing the scents of cardamom, angelica and ginger spices, petitgrain flowers, lavender and artemisia and the greenery of galbanum and mint. These aromas blend beautifully, creating a world in which the extraordinary is revealed in broad daylight.



Simplify your beauty regime. Nectar takes the place of a serum, face & neck treatment, and eye contour cream.

for all skin



all skin concerns

all skin types, including sensitive ones

face, neck & eye contour

green technology

stem cell cultures

The Cellular Nectar of Lithops Pseudotruncatella, a curious succulent that is a specialist in managing water and light (commonly known as “Living Stones”) promotes glycocalyx, the layer that surrounds the cells and optimizes the epidermal environment, resulting in high levels* of Vitamin D and Lumisterol (reserve molecule) that ensure a constant supply, even with limited exposure to sunlight due to the use of photoprotectors.

* test in vitro cell culture (fibroblasts, keratinocytes) with/without UV irradiation (2x2mW/cm2, equivalent to 20 minutes of daily sun exposure), with/without use of sunscreen (SPF 50)

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nectar also combines:

Bio-sugars of low, medium, and high molecular weight provides a very pleasant and silky feel, that soothes while protecting against daily external stimuli such as the weather, pollution and chemical agents that cause skin irritation, particularly on sensitive and fragile skin.

Astaxanthin is a keto-carotenoid obtained from the algae Haematococcus Pluvialis. This liposoluble natural pigment has a unique red color and is a super antioxidant since it is much more potent than the antioxidants commonly used in cosmetics.

Cherry Aqua Viva obtained directly from organically grown cherry fruit. It contains well-balanced essential elements such as mineral salts and essential oils.

Lifefullnes, a timeless 100% natural aromachological blend, composed of more than 20 essential oils, designed to express life with infinite delicacy.


nectar is a bath of life that immediately makes the skin feel brighter, incredibly dewy and supple.



Increased levels of Vitamin D and Lumisterol

Radiant, plump and full of volume

Highly moisturized

Bright, emanating radiance from within

Healthy, fresh and glowing

Improved skin respiration and microcirculation

Improved tone and texture, evens out and densifies

On the fingers, the nectar-like texture transforms into a light emulsion. When applied, it melts perfectly into the skin and penetrates quickly. Its active formula, while sensual and luxurious, creates a velvety film that soothes, hydrates and offers an immediate sensation of well-being to the skin.


Use daily - morning and/or evening - on makeup-free, completely cleansed skin. Using fingertips, apply gently on the face, neck and décolleté, including the eye contour, performing the light I LOVE YOU massage until completely absorbed.



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