SPIRULITE provides your skin with everything you need, nothing more and nothing less than what’s essential to keep it healthy and beautiful. Cleanse, exfoliate and treat all in one disc.

for all skin



all skin concerns

all skin types, including sensitive ones

face, neck & eye contour

artisan solids


These laminated sponges are obtained through natural and sustainable methods using an artisanal process.

CYLINDRICAL LUFFA is a type of luffa from the CUCURBITACEAE family. This variety has been selected for its soft fiber that is gentle on sensitive or reactive skins. The ripe fruit is used to create high quality, gentle laminated sponges. These laminated sponges are obtained through natural and sustainable methods using an artisanal process. No pesticides are used, while fostering a suitable environment for bees. The fruit undergoes a delicate and sustainable process as it is performed in thermal waters at 43 C (incurring no energy costs) making them unique for both wet and dry exfoliation. Plant fiber leaves no harmful residue on skin, as opposed to the synthetic fiber obtained from petroleum. The advantage of the luffa fiber is that it is organized into a network of fibers that provides excellent exfoliating properties and has a great capacity to absorb water, which softens it, regulating its roughness and allowing for a thorough yet gentle cleansing.


Prevents the appearance of cellulite

Smooths skin texture (improving its appearance and surface roughness)

Slims the body contour

Increases microcirculation

Improves hydration and skin elasticity

Use weekly or daily in the shower. Work in SPIRULITE using large circular movements on the stomach and buttocks, and use linear upward strokes on other parts of the body. On the knees and elbows, apply more vigorously and leave on for a few minutes. Rinse and dry without rubbing excessively.

For sensitive or reactive skin, pre-moisturise the skin and modulate the intensity of the massage, using softer and more superficial movements.

NOTE: if you apply the product to your feet, be careful not to slip.


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