emotional beauty


A formulation completely adhering to Ayuna’s eco-luxury values and specifically designed to act through the skin to flourish and emanate emotion as beauty. It consists of an exquisite and perfecting formula that is both cannabic and vegan.





beauty from within

Every era has its own paradigms that influence us. Ayuna is a pivot in the evolution of new paradigms and knows that, day by day, our way of thinking and feeling changes, along with our desires and needs. Cosmetics can no longer be the simple result of well-nourished skin; those of us who enjoy taking care of ourselves every day give greater value to our emotional universe.

Perfect skin is not more important than our interior wellbeing; today’s cosmetics must consciously seek to go beyond, to leave a positive impact through its aromas, textures and more. This is emanated beauty, beauty which passes from our physical exterior to our emotional interior and later reflects out again, radiating as an aura of true positivity, which we emanate around us.


Simplify your beauty regime. Cream III takes the place of a serum, face & neck treatment, and eye contour cream.

for all skin



all skin concerns

all skin types, including sensitive ones

face, neck & eye contour

green technology

Stem Cell Cultures

Ayuna is the first in the cosmetic industry to incorporate Cannabis Sativa Cell Cultures*

These cultures are rich in a unique cocktail of terpenes and micro-lipids have been achieved, allowing for the innovative approach of emanated or ‘emotional’ beauty. This molecular cannabic cocktail integrates into the skin environment and stimulates the epidermal neuroendocrine cascade, creating an increase in oxytocin in the skin and resulting in a more attractive perception of the person and skin with a sublime appearance.

Tested results from 20 different independent studies, involving 6 prestigious European CRO´s (Contract Research Organizations) and a consortium with The Health Research Institute Hospital La Fe (Spain)

*Best Ingredient Award 2020 at In-Cosmetics Global


Encourages the awakening of the skin’s natural repair and regenerating mechanisms

Strengthens and protects the skin from internal and external aggressors

Diminishes the signs of fatigue, anxiety and stress

Increases the resistance to sagging

Leaves skin visibly nourished and supple

Soothes and provides deep hydration

Prevents the appearance of red, irritated skin

Provides a smooth, soft, radiant appearance

CREAM III's dense texture transforms on your fingertips and melts perfectly into the skin when applied, quickly penetrating. Based on an active texture, delicate and soft while sensual and luxurious, it creates a noticeable velvety film and provides an immediate sensation of well-being and tensibility.

Apply daily - morning and/or night - onto cleansed skin. Using your fingertips, gently massage onto the face, neck and décolleté, including the eye contour while performing a light I LOVE YOU massage until completely absorbed.



Using both hands, draw the shape of a heart while smoothing your facial features. Descend towards the neck and follow the facial contour line towards the chin. For the neck and décolleté, gently run hands from each earlobe towards the opposite collarbone, drawing a U-shape.


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